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Questions &Anwers

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1. How is the area and environment??

I am writing this for the few once who missed to get informed!!!

First Costa Rica is a tropical country with amazing plant and wildlife. Who comes to Costa Rica has to expect having encounter with that. But if you have been seeing before on TV this alarming and scary nonsense of some self pronounced Crocodile Dundees you will be disappointed.
Actually nature and his habitants are surprisingly peaceful, besides some of the species who got too accustom to us. White face Monkeys, Skunks and Raccoons on top of the list. So please never feed them or forget leaving food out on their reach. 

Insects: Who expects not seeing Ants, Spiders, Mosquitos and more, better don't put the foot in the airplane or stays in the capital. Insects are one of the most important players in this universe and are on the bottom of the food chain. Without this little creatures the rainforest could not exist. It is amazing how many different species are living around us. The most of them are absolutely harmless to us, but for some of them we better should pay respect. We have been for almost 30 years in this area and never had a dangerous or life threatening situation. There could be situations where you could have problems, but this is totally up to you. If you leave the insects and animals in peace there is almost 0% chance getting hurt. The two most important things!! Don't feed and touch them.
We have had in the beginning some smaller incidents, but mostly because of ignorance!! Should you come in the situation getting to close to them just step slowly back and leave them alone. 

Most of our guests come to us mostly to see the wildlife and are overwhelmed by his beauty. If you are looking for a more sterile and 5 Star Hotel experience with the security everything will be poisoned, please search for a place like this or get in contact with us before!!

If you ever get bitten by a Spider, Scorpion, Wasp or Ant, mostly it will be good after a minute of pain. They could be dangerous, but only if you are allergic to it. Poisonous snakes I haven't seen in our area, but might exist. If you would get a bite and you are not sure if this could be dangerous, please go to the clinic in Cobano (about 15 minutes) and get their expertise.
In the last 20 years we never have had any situation. So the risk is really low. If you have problems with Mosquito bites, please bring some repellent. Up on our property on the cliff,  only in the beginning of the rainy season are some. The rest of the year it is almost non-existing or mild.

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Empty Beach

1. Safety

How save and secure is Costa Rica and Montezuma?

Costa Rica probably is the safest country in Latin America. There are some issues of gang violence in San Jose. But it is hard to get between the lines since it is mostly in parts of the city you normally never will go. There have been issues where foreigners got involved with drugs and prostitution, yes this can be dangerous. If you wanna stay save do not accept anything and don't go with criminals!!

Montezuma is a small beach town and crime is unusual.
There is pickpocketing, specially in buses and car theft. So please don't take things of value to the beach. Don't leave bag's untented in the buses and don't leave nothing of value lying open in the car. You do this and your vacation will be free of problems.

Road accidents is a small issue in Costa Rica. Strong rains and driving at night should be avoided if possible. Roads are curvy specially through the mountains. Do not pass slower cars and trucks if you are not in plain sight!! 

In our area roads are less developed than in other parts of the country, specially in rainy season you can expect pot holes and muddy dirt roads. I have seen this always as an adventure since it is not aloud in Germany (where I am from) to drive on unpaved roads. If you are visiting our area by car please rent 4x4 vehicles. 

If you rent a ATV please use the Helmet(don't be silly) and don't drive too fast. Specially by turning this vehicle roll overs have happen!!
I know specially when you are young you feel energetic driving this vehicles, be careful. Last but not least: Don't drink and drive!!!


When is the best time to visit?

Two seasons: There are in reality only dry and rainy season in this part of the world. but rainy season doesn't always mean lot's of rain. The rainy season starts at the end of April and lasts till the end of November. Where by September till mid of November the rainiest months are. The rest of the rainy season months it mostly rains at night, but exceptions are possible. In May the best lightning storms can be seen. 

Each season has it benefits. High season starts from the beginning - mid December and last till the end of April. From July till September on vacation time again more people are seen. The most crowed days are around Christmas and Eastern.  The other days and months in green season much viewer people are seen, the temperature is lower and beaches especially in the Montezuma are almost empty. In dry season you do have blue sky every day till April.

Hammock Relaxing

1. What do we offer?

Our House and Cottages offer:

1. A Equipped kitchen where you could be totally independent, with fridge, stove or hotplate, utensils.
2. Fiberoptic internet connection with enough speed.
3. A swimming pool to cool down whenever you like to with an amazing ocean view.
4. A completely ecological environment, for the construction of our family project no tree has to be cut, forest with fruit trees has been planted and about 20% of our property has been left to grow naturally the last 26 years.
5. We have not be using and are not going to use herbicides and insecticides.
6. We or our worker are always reachable for your questions and needs.
7. A guide book(Montezuma wild) in every house, to give you tons do explore and do.
8. A small spot of paradise where you can peacefully be and have some distance to the busy world. So please disconnect (even form internet if you can) and use this time to fill your batteries!!
9. An almost intact wildlife around you, have your camera ready all time. The best time to spot wildlife is early in the morning.
10. Fruits and herbs on the property. Have an adventure finding them.


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