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Finding the wild in every turn!!

Resting Tiger

Animals near us

What animals can we expect to live around us?
A lot of them you will encounter on daylight, others are only active at night. Abundance of wildlife!
Fern leaf

Mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians:

There are about 200 mammals, 900 birds, 1112 Fish species, 225 reptiles, 300000 (35000 recorded) insect species and 178 amphibians in Costa Rica. 

That's quiet a lot to cover!!  We will post some of the  common species from our place. The once you might encounter if you are lucky and aware!! A lot of them will just dissolve in the colors of nature without being seen. 
Some of them will be mostly night active and difficult to spot.
The sound of the wildlife at night is also amazingly beautiful, this sound also depends on the season. Specially the frogs in rainy season are giving beautiful concerts.
Have your eye and camera ready any time, it happens a lot to me that in the best moments I am not ready or have the camera not with me 🤨, or the animals have a intuition on that.

Commun Mammals!

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