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Montezuma and his surroundings are less crowded than other areas, so all activities are much more fun. If you come in green season you sometimes have parks and beaches almost for yourself. For any nature lover and adventurer it almost can't get better on this planet. Wild Animals are almost everywhere present, and sounds of nature are beautiful present anywhere.


ATV rentals

This Activity certainly can be a big adventure. The Montezuma area with its many unpaved roads is the right place on the planet. There are many roads through jungle and small rivers what makes this ride really one of its own kind. But please do use a helmet and drive slowly, because you wanna be back home in one piece. Take care!!

Cocalito horse pano enh..jpeg

Horseback riding

Horseback riding in our area is breathtaking, specially the ride from Montezuma to Cocalito Waterfall. All along the beaches, forests, creeks and the Nicolas Wesberg natural reserve. This is absolutely worth to include in your travel plans, you won't be disappointed. Believe us!

Cocalito horse pano enh..jpeg
27-12-2011 031 copy 2.jpg
27-12-2011 031 copy 2.jpg


Surfing in Montezuma mostly is practiced at Playa Grande or Playa Cedros. It is mostly for beginners and intermediate surfers. Montezuma beach to the left is pretty nice for boogie boarding. In town you also can rent boards if needed. If you like to get more advanced you could drive to Santa Teresa (30-45min.) to one of the best surf spots in the country. There waves getting quiet big and competitions held there as well. 

Cocalito horse pano enh..jpeg


Two great spots in the Montezuma area are Isla Tortuga and Playa Manches right beyond us. To Isla Tortuga you need to take one of the many boat tours from town(1h boat trip). They will take you for a day trip to the island and drop you off with snorkeling gear at on of the little Islands close by. The marine life is beautiful and many species can  be seen. Playa manchas when calm also is a great spot, check out the tide chart and choose high tide. I have been swimming with bigger manta rays about 100m/300ft. from the beach. Closer and around the rocks many colorful fishes can be seen. 

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Turtle hatchery copy.jpg

Turtle Hatchery

Just a few minutes away from Montezuma beach, volunteers in charge of the Turtle Hatchery do their important work. They are well organized and love what they do - protecting, preserving and registering every newcomer.   With a turtle survival rate of just 1 per 1000, this volunteer work certainly is a valuable one.

The hatching of little Olive Ridley Turtles can look like boiling sand. First, one pops up, and then slowly more and more heads appear. Suddenly, it gets really busy, and the sand begins to move as if it were boiling.

Cocalito horse pano enh..jpeg

Montezuma Falls

Montezuma waterfalls are well known for it's beauty nationally and internationally. They are all in all three Falls with three big pools, first 18m(60ft.), second 14m(40ft.) and third 5m(15ft.) It is like a natural waterpark where you can jump, swing on a rope, swim cool down and enjoy this unique surrounding. Please check before you jump or swing that it is free of danger!!

In gets usually crowded between 10am-3pm in high season, but not over crowded . Its a great place to cool down in the fresh water on the hottest days. Amazing spot we visit for years and never get enough!!

And its free!!

2nd Waterfall Montezuma copy.jpg
Waterfalls and Cabo Blanco 5-1-12 124.jpg
Waterfalls and Cabo Blanco 5-1-12 124.jpg

Cabo Blanco National Park

Funded and founded by the Swedisch Nils Olof Wessberg and his wife, the Danisch Karen Mogensen in !963 as the first National Park in the country. 

Dense green, the sounds of nature, the breathing of mother earth. This tropical dry forest is home of a countless amount of plants and animals.   They want to be discovered.  Walking quietly, if possible, gives a much better chance to seeing some wildlife.  Nevertheless, people should be patience. The ones who rush through the park would only see the sweat pearls running from their faces.

Stop once in a while on the 2.5 hour walk to the park beach and appreciate the natural scenery. 

There are two trails in the park. One is a round trip of one hour with signs who explain the non biologist the eco system.

The second one is about 2.5h and brings you to this beautiful beach. If you decide to do this walk better start as early as the park opens. Tuesday-Sunday from 8am-4pm. Low season Wednesday-Sunday (better checking the schedule ahead)


After the long walk is such an opening and nice feeling seeing the ocean welcoming visitors.  Enjoy the swim!!

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