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Places to visit in the area

Montezuma vacation rentals /places to visit in the area. 

Nevertheless it is a small area, there are plenty of incredible places to visit. There are many waterfalls in the area and the beaches are one of the best in the world. Since almost everything is in walking distance, there is no need to plan much time on driving, but plan plenty of time for seeing all sites. A day or two will not do it. Many guests come for one or two days and are sad to leave without seeing all!!  Believe us

Visit the Cocalito Fall who drops into the ocean.
Take a refreshing shower or go swimming in the near by sweet water lagoon!
Spend your day on Playa Grande taking surfing lessons or only enjoy the peace in the Nicolas Wesberg nature refugee
You can walk 300 feet into the ocean, this how shallow it is!
Check out the jump on the Montezuma upper fall. It's about 40ft. but it does look much hiiiiigher! The second upper fall is only 15ft. This jump and the swinging rope are much easier :)
Take a walk from our property about 10 min. to this private Waterfall. Even on the hottest days this small canyon with it's river keeps cool and refreshing.  
Walk to the Cabuya island at low tide, but don't mis the time when high tide is coming in!
The island itself is a cemetery and some foreigners are buried there too.
On the back side where it goes deep snorkeling is great. There you can see bigger fish as red snapper and smaller sharks.   
Visit Cabo Blanco park. The first park in the country. Lots of wildlife if you walk quiet and after 2 hours you can reach the parks private beach. Great place to hang out for the day. Better start walking early to appreciate the time there.
Just 20min. from the entrance in Montezuma and an easy hike you will be at the Montezuma Waterfalls. This place is a great place to swim and cool down. It is well known so in high season quiet a view people will be visiting. Actually it is a triple fall with three pools. You also can reach it from up at sun trails, who made hanging bridges and steps down. Don miss it!! Absolutely on of the best sites in the country!!
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