Beyond this lies only sky and ocean:)


Thank you for visiting our site, We are family owned vacation rental with one House and four cottages. You would love what we offer.

Special prices

We do offer special prices in the green season. Please ask between June and July and September till November.  Or check out in the:           Read More section.

Rooms & Rates


All our cottages have one thing in common, pristine ocean view and peacefully surrounded by nature. All our cottages has been build by us with recycled materials for the less of impact for the environment. 

Room rates a varies according to the cottage. Prices vary from 90$-120$ 

About the area       


Without a doubt, this area has a special energetic vibe, besides its generous natural beauty. One can explore rivers, waterfalls, beaches, natural reserves, and virgin surroundings that makes everyone immediately fall in love with them.